Simply Lizzie Elf on the Shelf 2017

Like many, (even though I make and sell the little buggers) every year thinking up new adventures for the elves and sometimes even remembering to move them can be a real life struggle.

For the last couple of years I’ve turned it into a mini soap opera. I like thinking up a little plot, it makes it easier and a little more fun for me.

People often say ‘you must have a lot of time on your hands’ but the fact is, it rarely takes me more than a few minutes to set them up and seeing the boys reaction is always worth it.

So this year, Henrietta and Fred had a baby! The boy’s watched as they enjoyed pregnant life and then witnessed the birth, causing some excellent reactions…

Ben: ‘mummy, mummy, she’s had a baby! It’s coming from her butt’

Dylan: ‘Ewwwww…. that’s weird!!!’.

We struggled to name the baby and even went to Facebook to ask our followers for suggestions. We had so many that it actually made it even harder and the baby still has no name.

I can’t hide the fact I’m thrilled it’s all over and they’ve gone back to the North Pole!!! We now have a whole year to think up the next series!

Here’s a glimpse of what they got up to…

Henrietta and Fred chilling.

A little bit of pregnancy yoga.

Peculiar cravings! Pickled onions with marmite.

When the contractions began the medicine ball came out.

Poor old Fred in a head lock as the contractions got worse.

And then she was born. Shock, relief and excitement.

The ‘Lion King’ moment. The boys loved this one and sang ‘circle of life’ as soon as they saw it.

Story time.

Henrietta stayed at home with baby whilst…

Fred was out on the razzle with the lads!

They couldn’t find baby…

She was elfing around.

Getting all the washing done ready to pack up and leave.

Leaving for the North Pole!

What will happen next year?