“Focus on the Arts is passionate about offering opportunities for everyone to experience a wide spectrum of the Arts by encouraging and developing the creative spark within”

Above is The Focus on the Arts mission statement… they are a truely amazing company that provide local Performing arts schools and clubs the opportunity to perform at an annual event.

This year they hosted two shows. A matenee and evening performance at the Mick Jagger Theatre on Saturday 4th March. I had the pleasure of taking three of my beloved groups along to join in on the action.

In the afternoon the children I teach weekly at Shenstone School had their time to shine in not one but two performances. They danced with colourful scarves to ‘True colours’ and then bought out the red sparkly Pom poms for ‘Fire Ball’. Shenstone school is a special school with a diverse pupil population, the children have severe or profound learning difficulties and many pupils are on the autistic spectrum. I love working for Shenstone School and every time I teach them we laugh and smile and communicate through music and dance… my love and passion for these children is next to none and seeing them perform so well on the stage this Saturday was phenomenal. A huge thank you to Jenny & Marie for dedicating their time and joining us on stage and course our number one supporters Lori, Leanne, Heather and all family members.

In the early evening the Simply Performers started arriving ready for their performance. Everything was laid out ready and face painting and hair styling started straight away by the fabulous Chantelle from TuTu & Ting and our lovely Miss Carlene. The Musical Theatre team were up first and we’ve been working hard since the start of term on our performance of the lion king.


Over the last few weeks I’ve been making costumes with some help from the children in craft club and my wonderful mum… here are a few photos of the work in progress… we hand tied Rafikkis skirt and used paper mache for the giraffe heads together in craft club. Ella also hand painted the wonderful collar for Rafikki.


Once the children were in their costumes with their faces painted and hair styled they were set and ready for the stage and boy did they deliver. With a medley from the lion king put together by myself and Miss Victoria they had the audience gripped and performed their little hearts out.






They ran off stage beaming from ear to ear and then it was time for our Tricks & Turns team… they didn’t disappoint either! Their first time performing as a team, they went out there and gave it their all. I watched on the small screen backstage glowing with pride. Such a great bunch of kids with heaps of personality and sass.




I am more than proud of everyone and look forward to many more performances this year and of course joining FOTA again next year! Thank you again for having us and congratulations to Sasha and all of the Focus on the Arts team for putting together yet another wonderful show.