Hello Everyone,

I wanted to let you all know that I have taken on an Office Manager, a lady called Jay Hilalen. Jay has worked in Administration and Finance for 20+ years, as well as running her own children’s drama franchise, so she has first-hand experience of working with children in education and in the arts! She will be working with me part time, taking responsibility for all the admin, finance and social media. She will largely be the one to answer any emails that come in to the admin inbox too, but if you need to contact me about anything Jay will pass it on.

As Simply Performers gets bigger, so do my ideas, so I’ve taken Jay on so I can put more energy into the classes, our shows, and hopefully even more projects in the future, while Jay keeps things ticking over in the background.

We want to know your thoughts, so if you have any ideas about how we can expand the timetable of our classes, or improve the admin side of things, please drop Jay an email to give her your thoughts, at info@simplyperformers.co.uk

See you all in class,