2017 has been a bit of a whirlwind. Truly incredible but also quite tiring!!! There has been many ‘behind the scenes’ projects and lots of success and progression with Simply lizzie and our ever growing dance school.

We saw the birth of Toddle & Tone… myself and Amanda had lots of fun working on the concept together.

The Lion King extravaganza and performance at Focus on the Arts. Lots of fun and hard work making those fabulous costumes.

The birth of our beautiful baby niece Abbie.

Some amazing filming projects with KDX films and a new found freiendship with the very talented Mr Allan Rowland.

The Hextable Community Picnic I hosted on behalf of our little village with the help of our fellow residents. Such a great day… everyone provided free services and the atmosphere was wonderful.

The Simply Made Variety Show collaboration with Taylormade dance. Every child from Simply Performers and my wonderful Shenstone kiddies had the opportunity to perform and boy did they deliver!

Our Gorgeous Little Jess got married to the love of her life Ben and we all celebrated in style.

My New Logo!!! By the very talented Mr Brian McGinnis.

Successful summer open day.

New collaborations and classes and amazing new members of the team. Toddle and Tone enrolled the fierce Miss Kerry Fitness who’s boot camp style has seen the mums of Hextable burpee their way to fitness and of course the super talented Mr Alex Stoica who hit us with a bang and energy that if I could bottle I’d be a millionaire!

Mother and daughter tats!

Lots of caravan antics and fun days exploring and playing with my favourite boys.

Savvy Social events with the Savviest mummy around Mrs Hanna Botten!

Slimming world!!!!!

A new job where I get to be creative weekly and also teach dance to their SEN students at the fabulous little C of E Christ Church Primary School.

The hubby rekindled an old friendship and I made some fabulous new friends!!!

The bestie came on board the Simply Train and helped make it a little less stressful.

We had our 3rd year anniversary party at Simply Performers and Miss Carlene proved ‘yet again’ how bloody amazing she is!!!! My number two and huge part of everything that happened this year!

And a Simply Lizzie Christmas event at The Little Shop to be proud of!

These are just a ‘few’ of my highlights!!! There’s been spa days, karaoke sessions, sleepovers and more. It really had been one hell of a busy and successful year!

Thank you to everyone who continues to support my little business and to everyone who helps me improve and grow as a person.

So my New Years Resolutions:

• Be Happy

• Keep going

• Keep my boys safe and happy

• Improve flexibility that I lost after a little accident I had whilst showing off! Lol.

• Live, Love, Laugh and enjoy every day we are here and breathing!!!

Looking forward to our first few challenges including the new class with Alex ‘Girl Gang’ and introducing the ‘Arts Award’ in to Shenstone Special Needs school.

Roll on 2018!!

Have a good one people!!!

One love x